is a collaboration between
two digital nomads who offer
avantgarde creative services.



The People

There are two nodes to Biangle Studio: Daiana and Mihai.

Mihai: I am the tech-savvy creative director and concept designer who loves to do field work and interact with people.

Daiana: I am the web-savvy art director and editor with an eye for details.
We met in university, as architecture students and we were lured into the art world right after graduation. Since 2011 we delved into videomapping, kinetics, light art, VR and creative directing, continuously refining our discourse along the way.

The Art

A kite does not enable human flight. It just proves that flight is possible. And it does so in an immediate, totally tangible way.

Likewise, our large scale art installations are in-person, close-up experiences that would otherwise never come up for the target category of viewers.

Just like when we took off on a plane for the first time: we had never doubted that what we saw in films was true; but, once we had experienced it first-hand, we KNEW what things could always get better. We felt humbled, in awe, inspired and reassured. We believed!

And it is precisely this wonderful emotion that our pieces are designed to spark.

The Name

The beauty of concepts is that, while they are bound by logic and coherence, they are not immediately subject to questions of possibility. And as such, they raise the bar for what we deem achievable.

A biangle is a triangle with one less edge. A digon. A closed polygon with two nodes and two sides. And not just that, it’s also equiangular and equilateral. Nifty, except it shouldn’t exist.

Yet it does: all you have to do is BEND the rules.

Contact Us

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